Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nature To Nature Gourmet Plant Food

Hi All,
I suppose it's time I write a little about my business and where the idea to produce Plant Food using Recycled Human Food started.
Way back in 2008 I, like all or most other gardeners was once again confronted by SNAILS and SLUGS when starting to prepare my veggie and herb garden. Faced with the two traditional options of either allowing "Mother Nature" to do her own thing and budget to lose a certain amount of plants to our slimy friends or using Methaldihyde based poisons to kill them off, I started the search for an alternative.
While researching Organic Natural Snail Repellent I stumbled upon research done in Hawai to eradicate a plague of small frogs which presented a huge problem to gardeners and farmers. What then struck me was that not only was the project successful in repelling the frogs but also proved highly effective in repelling snails. The compound used in these trials was Caffeine extracted from used coffee grounds.
And so, armed with this little knowledge I decided to put some time and effort into creating a product based on Used, Leached Coffee. Over time the coffee formulations were added to by the addition of crushed egg shells, bio carbon and probiotics thus creating a range of highly effective Soil and Plant Foods addressing needs from being an effective snail repellent to being a fully balanced fertilizer. So were born the core of the Nature To Nature range of products known as "Crumble", "Tea Break", "Coffee Break" and "Natures Breakfast", all differently formulated addressing specific needs.
Registration of these products are underway and grow tests are conducted around South Africa with a wide range of growers from Herbs to Vegetables to Olive Trees. Initial tests show great results which will be published on this blog from time to time.

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  1. Oh Wow, I have seen these products in some stores and I have to admit that I thought it was just a clever marketing gimmick and wasn't sure that it would do all it claimed. Since reading your profile and blog I can see you have a genuine passion for sustainable living, so next time I wont pass them by. I know with our rainy weather ahead I am going to have a snail problem again - cant wait to try them out.