Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why growcookeat

Hi all, this is my first time blogging so quite excited about sharing information and reading about all those out there with similar interests. I started this blog because I feel there could be lots of people interested in growing, even on a domestic scale, that which they eat. I have been investing time and effort in establishing a garden at my home through which I not only feed myself but family and friends also benefit from fresh organically grown Fruit and vegetables and herbs all year round. I am involved in a production facility where recycled human food products such as used coffee grounds, tea and crushed egg shells form the base of different formulations of plant food. So, I suppose Im lucky to have constant access to organic plant food in order to keep my garden in good shape. Well I will through this blog endeavor to part with some of the knowledge making it easy for most anyone to produce good quality plant food using stuff you throw in the garbage bin everyday. I would also like to help with the planning of gardens, container gardens etc and at the same time help you to plan what to plant where and when so that you can have fresh produce most of the year. As an avid home cook I will share my favorite recipes and flavor combos with you. All information will revolve around growing as much of the food you consume yourself, cooking it and enjoying it with friends and family while contributing to a sustainable environment by recycling human waste into high value effective compost.

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  1. How lovely to find another Capetonian. I see we share a lot of the same interests - can't wait to see more posts, especially about plant food and what you are growing.